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    Junior Drivers


    Written by Marie Kane |
    Photo by Matt Ford

    Driving is a great new opportunity that everyone gets to have at the age of 16, usually in their sophomore or junior year. They get their permit then their license.

    All student drivers at Morgan are either juniors or seniors. Some are new while others have been driving for over a year now. Morgan has some bad drivers and some good drivers, but either way, there are different opinions on what it’s like to be cruising behind the wheel on the road.

    Junior Jordona Caprio got her permit in the end of February and her license at the end of June. She has been driving with her license for 3 months and has a Honda Civic that she got for her 16th birthday as a present. She feels that those who drive at Morgan are decent drivers and has no complaints. She loves driving and being able to have that freedom. Her least favorite part of driving is when there are people with road rage behind her. Jordona’s favorite part of driving is being able to blast the music as loud as she wants without anyone complaining. “My first initial feeling right after I got my license was very nerve-racking because I was by myself.”

    Matt’s 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer

    Matt Ford has been driving for about 3 weeks with his license since August 26th, and he loves driving. “It’s just so fun because you can hang out with all of your friends whenever you want and go wherever you want.” He loves hanging out with his friends but hates paying for gas and insurance. Matt thinks Morgan drivers are loud but says that he doesn’t have room to judge since, in his opinion, he’s the worst driver. “I was super nervous but I had a really cool guy, and he could tell so I think he took it easy on me.”

    Krystina L’Ecuyer has been driving with her license since the end of June and says that she loves driving and how she always feels relaxed and believes that most Morgan drivers aren’t bad, but that she hasn’t seen enough to have an opinion. “I was nervous before my license test, but I calmed down once I started it.” She has a Chevy Blazer. ” I bought it from one of my dad’s friends, basically, just because I needed a car for when I got my license.” Krystina’s favorite part of driving is near the water with windows open because it’s peaceful.”My least favorite part of driving is probably waiting until the last minute to get gas and then freaking out thinking I’ll run out and breakdown.”

    Alyssa Lemay got her permit about 11 months ago and her license 7 and a half months ago. Alyssa drives a Honda CRV. “I love driving because it’s so much easier to get around.” People bug Alyssa when they are bad drivers, and she was excited to drive everywhere. In her opinion, some people here are good drivers, but others are bad.

    Calvin Jackson has been driving for about 3 months. He got his license in the beginning of June and drives a Honda Civic. “I love driving because it’s liberating and gives you much more freedom to do what you want each and every day.” He loves that he has so much freedom, but doesn’t like the fact that people don’t use signal lights. “Before I got my license, I was super nervous that the test would be hard, but if you’re just really chill with your test instructor, then they’re usually just as chill back, and the test isn’t bad at all.” Calvin thinks that most Morgan drivers are pretty good drivers, but some people need to learn how to park properly.

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