The Scoop on Junior Planning


Written by Emily Sordo and Hannah Gaudet|

Juniors need to plan for college. In less than a year, they will be receiving their college acceptance letters.

Not only did the juniors have to suffer through the SAT’s for the first time on March 2nd, but they also are preparing for their Junior Portfolio presentations.

When asked if they have been planning for college, 7 of 11 of the juniors surveyed said they have not done very much to prepare for college. Sofia Sicignano said “I like to live life on the edge” in regards to college planning. Juniors, Lindsay Harden and Jordan Ledyard both said they have been going on Naviance  to search for colleges with their future majors. Juniors, Shannon Maher and Alex Church both have visited colleges as well to prepare for their future.

juniors jordyn suraci, ryan miller, jarett talarcyk
Juniors, Jarett Takarcyz, Jordyn Suraci, and Ryan Miller

Lindsay Harden said her reach schools are Duke and New York University, but she is also looking at Villanova, University of Pittsburgh, and East Carolina. Many juniors have a less detailed list of colleges though, but know they would like to go in a certain location. Alex Church would like to go to the west coast, and Junior, Jarett Talarczyk wants to go somewhere in North Carolina. Junior, Ryan Miller wants to stay in Connecticut, and Junior, Julie Abbatello wants to stay on the east coast.

Many juniors do not  know yet what they want to study in college, which is perfectly okay. Sofia Sicignano said “YOLO, I don’t know yet” about her future major. Some of the people we asked had immediate answers. Jordyn Suraci wants to major in criminal law, and Lindsay Harden wants to be a nurse practitioner. Alex Church said she wants to major in marine science.

The juniors have had their college planning meetings recently, where they met with their guidance counselors and talked about what they need to do in order to prepare for next year. The guidance counselors have a page on The Morgan School website dedicated to helping  students plan  for  the college process. The school is taking the juniors to the Hartford College Fair on March 30th, where they will be able to meet with different college reps and ask any questions they have.

Juniors, Sofia, Alex, Julie, and Emma

The thought of graduating and leaving this small town and the people they grew up with is strange. It is all becoming more realistic now that they  have to actually start planning their futures. The juniors are excited but also nervous for what is to come. Junior, Jordan Ledyard said it best, “I don’t really know what it’s like to be off on my own, but we’ll see where life takes us.”