The Changing of the Guard: Senior Wills

Written by | Riley Cronan

Featured Image via Steady Photography

Every June, the current senior class leaves the halls of The Morgan School to move on to college and other areas of interest. They leave with feelings of sadness, excitement, nervousness, and relief. This year, we at the Morgan Pawprint gave the seniors one final chance to tell the public what they were leaving to the future and current students of The Morgan School. There were a vast number of athletes, club members, student council members, and many other students who had an idea of what they deemed fit to leave behind. Some were materialistic, some were tangible, some were secret, and some were public. The one thing that was consistent throughout the numerous responses was that the students felt genuine about their thoughts and ideas and felt the bitter-sweet sensation that comes with every graduation.  Enjoy the video below as the senior class leaves behind a legacy for the current and future students of the Morgan School!

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