Students React To…No Husky Helper Day 2014

Written By Jonathan Markovics |

Morgan Outdoor Crew

Morgan Outdoor Crew

Many of the students at Morgan are now aware of the fact that there will not be a Husky Helper Day this year.  A majority of the students are shocked, disappointed, and saddened because Husky Helper Day has become a tradition at Morgan, and now, it will no longer continue.  Mrs. Hagness officially announced that there is not going to be a Husky Helper Day this year in the article, No Husky Helper Day 2014! What!?!

Overall, the ultimate reason that there is not going to be a Husky Helper Day 2014 is because 187 parents called their children out of school on the day of the event.  Here is what some students have to say about not having a Husky Helper Day this year:

Junior Catie LeMontague said, “I think that 187 students should not ruin it for the rest of us.”  Junior Erin Barnett agreed:, “There are still 300 plus students willing to help the community, so I don’t see what is wrong with that.”  Although a fraction of the Morgan student body called out on Husky Helper Day, the remaining students were able to lend a helping hand to the various sites in town.

Students at Malones

Students at Malones

For the past three years, the community has greatly benefited from Husky Helper Day.  Last year, students helped clean up 36 different locations including all the Clinton Public Schools, the Congregational Church, the Clinton Fire Department, Henry Carter Hull Library, the Town Beach, Andrews Memorial Town Hall, and many others.  Junior Tulsi Patel said, “It is a very helpful day for the community, and everyone knows that Morgan is helping around in the community.”  It would be difficult to argue that Husky Helper Day did not leave a positive impact on the community of Clinton.  Jason Comeau stated, “It is an easy day and helps people around the whole entire town.”  Many students that were interviewed expressed similar views in regard to the fun-filled and rewarding day.

Improving Our Classrooms

Improving Our Classrooms

Those students who did not attend Husky Helper Day last year do not feel that they attributed to the event being canceled this year.  Riley Cochrane, a senior, said he did not attend Husky Helper Day because, “I just wanted to stay home.”  Another senior, Amanda Garbinski, said the reason that she did not attend was, “I had a “doctor appointment” that day.”

Senior Ryan Caprio suggested, “Husky Helper Day should be an upperclassman event, where juniors and seniors go out into the community and the freshman and sophomores attend a regular school day.”  Having it be an upper classmen privilege will build anticipation and give the freshmen and sophomores something to looked forward to.

Bikes for Kids

Bikes for Kids

All in all, Husky Helper Day is not going to take place this school year, but hopefully will take place next year.  For any suggestions on how Husky Helper Day can be improved please feel free to contact Mrs. Hagness or leave a comment below.

3 responses to “Students React To…No Husky Helper Day 2014

  1. Since 1/4 of the student body chose not to attend Husky Helper Day last year, I agree with the decision to cancel this year’s event.


  2. It’s really disappointing that I will not be able to participate in Husky Helper Day, I was looking forward to it. Very interesting article, it was definitely informative!


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