The Morgan Pawprint Never Pawses


article pic 2By David LaRiviere and August Pulaski |

Journalism class is where members of The Morgan Pawprint go to work on their articles . It is also the headquarters of the digital newspaper. The students of the paper work very hard on their work and spend a lot of time on their articles to make sure they are perfected in every way. Many students go out of their way in making their articles through writing, taking pictures, interviewing and researching.

From when the period begins to when it ends, the students are constantly working and brainstorming for ideas. First we have to get an idea. This process can take anywhere from five seconds to five minutes! Once we have an idea, we usually have to interview someone. If we have permission from the interviewee, we record the interview so that we can refer back to it when we are writing the article. After that, we actually write the article. This usually takes a class period to write. When we finish writing the article, we have someone proofread it, and we add tags. Tags are words that will make it easier for people to find our articles on the internet. Finally, the article is ready to be published. After we publish it, it just needs to be promoted by the Pawprint on social media. Overall the writing process usually takes about a week.

We interviewed Marissa Daniello, a reporter for The Morgan Pawprint, about her experiences at the Pawprint. She described the Pawprint as a “Great experience,” and she would say that working at The Morgan Pawprint is an enjoyable experience. She took Journalism as an elective “Because it sounded interesting to learn about journalism and what it takes to be a journalist.” She said that if anyone was considering joining The Morgan Pawprint, they should join. We also interviewed Julia Hornyak  about what she plans to do in the future at The Morgan Pawprint. She said she plans on making school-wide videos on topics such as Advisory and Dodge for a Difference.

The writing process is an enjoyable one, and we highly recommend taking Journalism as an elective or consider joining The Morgan PawPrint club during advisory activity meetings. If you can not fit Journalism into your schedule, but you want to join, then feel free to ask Mrs. Chausse. The PawPrint can always use photographers for events and writers for articles.