Jen Dawson: Player of the Year


Written by Charlotte Limosani |

The girls volleyball team has a reputation of being one of the most successful sports teams at Morgan. Last year they won the state championship game bringing home the state champ title. This year the girls still had a very successful year, making it to the final game in the Shoreline Championship and semi finals during the state tournament. This year they even had quite the impressive record of 23-3. A main anchor to the team this season was Senior Jen Dawson.

Jen had a great season earning the title, Player of the Year, as well as first team All-State. Last year she also  was a big help by leading her team to winning the State Championship game. Jen is a very motivated person on and off the court. As captain  Jen states, “I think I have filled the role of being captain this year by playing my hardest all the time and showing the younger kids the right techniques when they are lost. I try to bring the team together as a whole”.

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According to Jen, one of the most important aspects of a team is “being a unit at all times, especially playing as a unit, and having good team chemistry.” Jen is a very successful leader on not only the volleyball court, but the basketball court, and softball field as well. When asked what she thinks will become of the team next year, Dawson states, “Even though we lost five seniors, the team as a whole will start fresh next year with new players and be a great team”.

Jen accomplished much for The Morgan School, and I’m sure will be greatly missed on all of the different sports teams. We wish Jen the best of luck in her future! To read more about the volleyball season this fall or any other sport, you can visit CIAC sports.