Practice SAT: Does it Actually Help?


Written by Sophie Roman and Jordan Ledyard |

No matter what grade you are in, the SAT is a concern. The SAT is a standardized test measuring student’s ability in reading, writing, and math. The test is how students show colleges what they know and how well they can apply that knowledge. To prepare for this important test, sophomores and juniors take the PSAT. The PSAT is a nationwide, multiple-choice test taken by about 3.4 million high school students every year. The PSAT will preview what to expect on the SAT which will be taken later junior year. This is according to the College Board website. The Morgan School administered the PSAT on Wednesday, October 15th.

While the PSAT is given to the Sophomores and Juniors, the freshmen will attend three workshops for the Junior Portfolio. The Seniors have the morning off.IMG_0070

After interviewing students, there were mixed opinions of the test. Junior Jayde Forbes said, “I feel like it prepared me for the real one.” Junior Catlen Goss said, “Once I found out about the merit scholarship I took it a lot more seriously.” Sophomore Sofia Sicignano said, “Some questions were way too complex as some were under people’s abilities, also more time would have been nice.” Sophomore Alex Church had similar opinions. “I didn’t have enough time, and I need a longer break…and food. I feel like some parts were way too easy to prepare me.”

History teacher Mr. Graham shared his opinions on the PSAT. “It’s a test that measures your skills on reading, writing, and math which are important for college so the results of the PSAT shows what you need to work on.” Recalling his own experiences in high school, he explained how the PSAT wasn’t a test you took in school, you had to take it on your own time. He didn’t take it but wishes he had because “It shows students that they are able to do well on these skills.”