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Staff Spotlight: John Madura

Musical And Mathematical
Staff Spotlight: John Madura

Math Department Chair John Madura has been teaching at Morgan for 12 years. The Maduras are a prominent family in the Clinton Community, with the entire family invovled in the Clinton Public Schools. Fourth grade Joel teacher Whitney Madura, Mr.Madura’s wife, was awarded Teacher of the Year for the 2022-2023 school year for all of Clinton Public Schools. Both of the Maduras’ children, senior Maeve and 2022 alumni Ethan Madura, attended Morgan. Ethan is currently a sophomore at Emmanuel College, while Maeve is a senior at Morgan who has committed to Wesleyan University. Mr. Madura said, “I absolutely love being at Morgan and seeing Maeve every day.” While he doesn’t see her often, he said, “Just knowing she’s around is one of the greatest joys of my life.”

After graduating from Morgan, Mr. Madura went on to Boston University where he majored in Mathematics. After a 4 years at BU, he continued to Columbia University to get his master’s degree.

Before he started his teaching career, Mr. Madura served in the military. He was in the Navy for 5 years where he worked as a cryptologist and a code breaker. Having a family, while in the military was a challenge. Mr. Madura didn’t like traveling overseas and decided to continue a different career path. He worked and lived in Maryland at the National Security Agency. Later, he decided to return to teaching at Morgan. Mr. Madura has a long history at Morgan. He and his wife are Morgan alumni. They started here at Morgan and are about to reach 26 years of marriage. This year, Mr. Madura teaches two classes, Introduction to Data Science and Math Concepts.

In his free time, Mr. Madura has some peculiar hobbies. Mr. Madura said, “I love to play the guitar. That’s my biggest hobby.” He started playing on the piano and then progressed to the guitar. Not only that, he also does sport analytics on the side. He focuses mostly on men’s lacrosse for Yale. Mr. Madura said, “We use graph theory to understand a passing network of players.” The main focus of this side hustle is to gain an advantage over opponents and be able to understand how they run their offense. This isn’t a hobby that he picked up recently. He started lacrosse analytics in 2010. He also enjoys going clamming and finds that he’s very good at it. Mr. Madura said that his favorite seasons are fall and spring. He likes to see people outside, whether it’s playing sports or just walking. The Morgan community also likes to see Mr. Madura outside. He likes to ride a very recognizable moped around town. Senior Ari Salgar said, “I love seeing him ride his moped during lacrosse. It brightens my day.”

Mr. Madura is a positive and energetic presence here at Morgan. He cares about the students and encourages them to do their best while at Morgan and later on in life. We are grateful to have Mr. Madura as part of our Morgan community.

Teacher’s Thoughts

“He’s always happy and positive”- Health teacher Rachel Lupone and History teacher Rachel Shook

“He’s my next door classroom neighbor. He’s my friend, my therapist, and colleague. He makes me laugh when he laughs.” — Business Teacher Ryan Richetelli

“One of the things I appreciate about Mr. Madura is that he helps leads us, and he also makes things fun. That’s who he is, he makes things fun but is also a leader.” — Mathematics Teacher Stephanie Davis

“He’s a goofball, but he can relate to the kids and make connections”. — Mathematics Alexandria Holmes

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