The Return of Mr. Madura


Written by Heather Vollhardt |
Photos by Heather Vollhardt |

With the new school year, Morgan welcomes some new faces. Mathematics teacher John Madura is one of them.  John Madura, however,  is no stranger.

Mr. Madura is no stranger to the town of Clinton or the Morgan family. Not only did he grow up and graduate from The Morgan School in 1991, but he also taught here 4 years.  He said he returned to Morgan because he liked the environment and the people: “I loved the school. This is my favorite environment to teach” 

Being back at Morgan means a new start and new students, and Mr. Madura has a very optimistic outlook for the 2018-2019 school year. He  said, “The things that I have at my disposal to help teach is amazing” He also thinks that the students

He also spoke about a faulty window in his classroom at the old Morgan that wouldn’t close and left the classroom exposed to the elements. Now, according to Mr. Madura, having a new school with everything brand new  “really does make a difference. I think the kids are more excited to come here. Teachers are more excited to come here.”

We welcome back Mr. Madura with open arms and wish the best for his first year back

Mr. Madura, the new math teacher