Morgan Math Mania

Morgan’s New Math League

Mathematics teachers Noelle Pollard and Elizabeth Criscuolo have started the Morgan Math League. The Math League was created for all students, but especially for students who don’t participate in sports as a way to compete academically. 

The team meets after school Monday and Wednesday until 3 pm. There is no commitment necessary, but students should come when they can. There are currently 4-8 students that come to regular practices. 32 students are in the google classroom but are committed to sports at this time. 

The Junior Varsity team will solve problems that go up to Algebra 2, and the Varsity team will solve problems that go up to Pre-calculus.

The Morgan Math League will compete against Guilford, Hand, HK, Lime-Old-Lime, Mercy, Portland, RHAM, Westbrook, and Xavier. There are four JV meets and six Varsity meets this year. The first JV meet was on September 23, 2021, against Xavier. For Varsity members, the first meet will be October 14, 2021, against Hand. 5 students per team can compete in one meet.  

At the JV meet on September 23, 2021, they came in 9th place out of 10 teams. Mrs. Criscuolo said, “we competed without a full team and we need freshmen to join the math league”. On October 14 the Varsity Math League will be competing with a full team made up of 3 seniors, one junior, and 2 sophomores. 

Mrs. Pollard stated that “If you are nervous about competitions you are not required to compete.” If you were to compete, there are five individual rounds and one team round total. Students are in a room with three questions on a whiteboard and have 10 minutes to answer all the questions. COVID-19 has caused the meets to be virtual. 

The Math League is a “great way to meet new people, and it looks good for a college resume.” If anyone is interested in joining, email [email protected] or [email protected]