What’s Morgan Afraid Of?

Fear is a very common feeling throughout Morgan

Long term Substitute Chad Neri

Mr. Neri is afraid of heights because he feels like he is going to fall. As he does not want to fall, his heart starts racing. His coping mechanism is to take deep breaths. He believes people are scared of heights for the same reason as he is, which is that tall heights can probably get you killed. He believes the reason people are frightened of something is due to survival instinct. So, if people get scared of something because there’s danger involved in that activity then their body has a natural response and signals their mind that something could probably hurt or kill them, such as falling to their demise.

Freshman Jalen Bunce

Jalen is afraid of spiders, specifically tarantulas. He believes other people are scared of spiders too. Some people are scared of spiders for different reasons such as it’s texture,  or simply just their disturbing appearance. The beady eyes,  multiple limbs and fangs.  Jalen believes it’s absurd to be scared of something as miniscule as spiders, as not all of them can harm you. He believes people tend to have irrational fears such as heights, small spaces, and so on.

Substitute Steve Somma

Mr. Somma doesn’t consider himself a fearful person. However, Mr. Somma is slightly intimidated by the unknown. He believes that it depends on the frame of mind that people have, whether they’re optimistic, and what’s going on in their particular world. He would think that people would probably be intimidated by the unknown for similar reasons as he is, although he hasn’t necessarily analyzed the views of other people. It depends on how they react to fear, such as being paralyzed in fear. He said if fear pressures people to take action, take precautions to a danger or concern, it could be a positive thing. If people are prepared for changes, face their fears then it becomes a sort of necessity.

Freshman Francesca Limauro

Francesca is afraid of the dark. She’s afraid because she can’t see anything, and she doesn’t know what lurks within the darkness. She avoids facing the fear in the first place simply because she doesn’t enjoy the feeling. She believes that people are afraid of what they don’t know and what they can’t see. Blind people might not be afraid of the dark because they’re used to it. So if you get used to your fears and understand them, then there’s nothing to be afraid of. Being scared is a human emotion. It tells us who we are. It tells us our limits, what we like and don’t like.

Guidance Counselor Christie Williams Kahn

Ms. Williams Kahn is afraid of rollercoasters as she doesn’t like being flipped upside down at that speed. She endures her fear of rollercoasters by trying to disconnect herself from it as much as possible such as closing her eyes but screaming. When she was younger, she used to be into rides but not anymore. Ms. Williams Khan doesn’t necessarily believe that people are afraid of rollercoasters and if anything, enjoy the life-threatening thrill. She believes the point of being scared of something is out of survival. Although, when people have a lack of control over things, the reactions vary upon the person and what they can’t control. People generally prefer to be in control of their circumstances, such as control over their job, families, or schedule. This lack of control creates a dreadful feeling that spirals people into stress. Fear is a natural human emotion, although people manage it differently. Fear can sometimes drive a fight or flight instinct

Sophomore JayLee Milhomme  

Jaylee does not like smooshy textures. If she were to accidentally touch coleslaw with her eyes closed, she would probably freak out. She doesn’t like slimy things because it’s disgusting, and it grosses her out. She believes that touching smoochy textures is an irrational fear. JayLee believes that all of your fears are a figment of your mind and as the body and the mind are connected, fear would also cause bodily reactions such as shivers, or flinches.

Junior Nate Schuuman

Nate is scared of “whack jobs that lurk through the night.” His greatest fear is working at a gas station and seeing someone dressed in all black entering the store. People tend to scare him a lot since people are exceptionally unpredictable. Originally, Nate wasn’t scared of strangers lurking in the night, but after watching YouTube videos of mysterious disappearances of people because they were walking late at night and stalked by an ominous figure, he had become terrified. People are already intimidating to Nate, but adding in an appearance shrouded in darkness, they become even harder to figure out. Fears are often influenced through other people, like a mother telling their child a scary bedtime story.

From all of these interviews, one can summarize that people fear consequences.  The possibility of an event occuring as a result. Nate Schuuman is scared of strangers lurking in the night because he’s afraid of getting kidnapped or worse. Ms. Williams Kahn is afraid of rollercoasters because she doesn’t like being flipped around as she is afraid of falling . There is a cause and effect in fear.  Everyone has a deeper reason as to why they’re scared of certain things. People sometimes deem certain fears irrational because of the minimal consequences. But why would other people be afraid of something with minimal consesquences, especially since they realize it? When you realize your fear, understand your fear and it’s consequences, why be afraid? Ultimately, human nature is a mystery.  Not all things can be explained rationally. Sometimes you feel certain emotions and it simply cannot be explained. Like love, anger, or sadness. Fear is an emotion shrouded in mystery,