Kyle Willkom: Build a Life With Purpose

Kyle Willkom Visits Morgan

Kyle Willkom is a keynote speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He has traveled to 47 different states and talked to students from all over. He has written and published 3 different books: Wake Up Call, The Thinking Dilemma, and Action Packed Leadership. During May 2021, National Honor Society had read Kyle’s book, Action Packed Leadership. They also had a leadership conference with him. These books are all about becoming a leader, taking charge in your life, and recognizing that our actions matter. He decided to pursue this career because it was something that “came naturally” to him, and he was passionate about it. He was always excited about making the world a better place and learning the skill sets to help us do that.

On September 21, 2021, Kyle Willkom came to The Morgan School and gave a presentation to our whole school. This presentation was about building your purpose in life. This can only start to happen when we start taking intentional actions toward our dreams. Kyle wants us to learn that you can’t build the life you want in a day, and that it requires effort. Defining what you’re passionate about and working towards it can add some fulfillment to life. It’s also important to treat people well because you never know how much they need it. We should inspire and motivate others. Everyone is deserving of love, respect, kindness, and there is no downside to being kind and valuing someone.
He wants students to know that “They have the ability to make more of a difference than they think. We all have a voice that we are able to use to change the world in a better way. We go through life and let things happen to us instead of making things happen. Our actions matter. We can then make a decision about which is going to lead us to happiness and good health.”
His professor John once told him to imagine “Make me feel important” on every person’s forehead.