New Office Staff: Casey Metz and Heidi Bergeron


The Morgan School gained two new members to our office staff at the beginning of the year: Casey Metz and Heidi Bergeron. They join main office secretary, Jeanean Cox.

Mrs. Bergeron is located in the student information center at the school. This section of the school was recently put in place to keep everyone safe from COVID-19 and to give students a place to go to ask questions about their attendance or important information. Mrs. Bergeron is a returning staff member from past years. She explained that she returned to Morgan because she missed the students and the energy that is brought into school every day. While not working at Morgan, she worked online for a private industry and was not face to face with anyone so coming back to Morgan she had to adjust to being around people in the work environment. Mrs. Bergeron went to Lynn English High School in Lynn, Massachusetts.

In this new position at the school, Mrs. Bergeron states that it has been “kind of different than years past just because we have the remote students.” She explained how she takes attendance for all students including the ones who are not physically in school and are learning online.

Overall, Mrs. Bergeron seems eager to be back in Morgan.

Casey Metz, who graduated from Mercy High School, works in the main office of the Morgan School. Due to COVID-19, the office is not allowed to be accessed often by students, but Ms. Metz still works hard at her job.

Ms. Metz grew up in Clinton and has some family who still lives in Clinton so working at The Morgan School is definitely more convenient for her, and she loves the nice community environment as a whole. This is Ms. Metz first time working in this type of office position. She said it was a large adjustment after working from home for 20 years, but getting up, getting ready, and heading out the door was easy for her.

Ms. Metz explained that her day involves processing and logging forms that all the students hand in, answering phone calls, and giving tardy passes.

These two members of our school’s staff are excited to be in school and working for Morgan. Although there may be changes to how these jobs work from other years that didn’t have the pandemic, Mrs. Bergeron and Ms. Metz are happy to be here and are welcomed to the Morgan family.