Robert Cullen Returns as I.S.S. Supervisor



Sozon Albanis, Photographer

If there is one thing that you want to avoid the most as a high school student it is a suspension. It’s not as bad as getting expelled, but it’s much worse than getting detention. There are 2 kinds of suspensions which include, O.S.S. and I.S.S. O.S.S is short for out of school suspension. And I.S.S. is short for in-school suspension. The new in-school suspension monitor is Morgan graduate Robert Cullen.

Since Mr. Cullen graduated from the old Morgan School in 2013, a lot has changed including the teachers, the principal, and the students. Every year is different in a school with new freshmen arriving and the seniors including myself leaving the school and preparing for the next stage in our lives. 

Mr. Cullen (Sozon Albanis)

Mr. Cullen said that it’s a very interesting job. He gets to see kids from all different backgrounds, and he gets to help them out to become better students in their lives. If there are no students in his classroom, he goes out into the hallways to make sure that students aren’t trying to skip class just to talk to their friends or do crazy things in the bathrooms. However, when there is a student in his classroom, a typical day for him would be to help students catch up on any work that they have to do for classes. He will let the students have a mask break or a regular break. It all depends on what the student wants to do when they get their work done. Mr. Cullen says that assistant principal Chris Luther or any of the office personnel are the ones who bring the student to his room when they are being troublesome.

Since it’s only been a month since he started working here, Mr. Cullen hasn’t seen any of his students act up or misbehave. He will still be prepared when a student acts up in suspension.

An I.S.S supervisor’s job may seem crazy difficult, but the truth is that it is not always difficult. The I.S.S. is not a bad person, he is just there to keep an eye on students in case they leave the room unnoticed. 

A student’s record includes in-school suspensions. Some colleges will see how many times the student has gone into suspension and decide not to allow the student to enter the college if the number of suspensions is too high. 

Being in I.S.S is not fun because students have to sit there until they turn 20 or even up until they are 80 and their life starts to end. If you ask me if I have ever been suspended, the answer is no, but I was sometimes on the edge of falling into suspension. Thankfully, I made it through my tough years of high school alive.

Also, if you are the troubled student who visits the I.S.S almost every month, week, or day, here are some tips for you. Keep yourself under control, and if someone picks on you, report it immediately. If you’re having trouble at home, make sure you tell your guidance counselor because they will help you with the situation. Sometimes, I wish that all students could get along with each other and that there wouldn’t be an I.S.S. Don’t You?