Play The Game of Life


Written By Maria Putnam|

Everybody knows or has at least heard of the game LIFE, right?  Well, The Morgan class of 2013 decided to bring it to life! From memories at Joel up to the memories being made here in our last year as seniors, the mural of the LIFE board shows it all.

The painting is being done by my mother Lisa Dockus, who is a member of the committee for Project Graduation.  I have watched her print out all the different pictures every night, trying to gather as many memories for each of the years on the game board. I’ve also come to the school a couple times with her after-hours to work on the painting. My mother has done a few murals and other art work for many different events, and I’m happy to say she is the one creating the artwork in the hall for my class. She has always been very involved in whichever  school my brother or I are attending. It is bitter sweet for her to know this is my last year in the Clinton Public Schools.

She has not told me much about the big surprise of Project Graduation, but she did inform me that, “A lot of time and effort was put into the mural and more will soon be put up to remind the senior class of their memories together. It all leads up to the big secret of Project Graduation, and I promise it will be loads of fun!”

For all the seniors, make sure to stop and check out the mural next to Mr. Motter’s class to reflect on all our memories together as a class. Also, make sure to keep checking out Chuck for clues as to what will be at Project Graduation. The “Ch” on his jacket stands for Charles Morgan, who the high school is named after. Chuck is now wearing a snorkel and wore a necklace of beads a few weeks ago … Hmm, I wonder Project Grad will  be.


We need your help! The mural has been finished up to our high school years. My mother has yet to fill up the four years here at Morgan. She explained, “It will mean more if your class adds memories.” Can you think of any big events that have happened in our high school career, memories, or even life events that occurred in our years together as a class? If so, please comment below  with your ideas. This is for SENIORS ONLY. All ideas are appreciated! The events and memories will be added on a weekly basis, every Monday, up until graduation. The first 20 seniors to comment will be given a goody bag from the Morgan PawPrint!

The quicker you submit the ideas the better!  Post your idea below.