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Reader’s Block – The Morgan Literary Magazine


Written by Logan Cummings|
Photos by Logan Cummings|

The 2016-2017 publication of the Morgan Literary Magazine is out! After a year of writing and work by the Lit Mag club, the final product has been released with the title Reader’s Block. The magazine has 22 written entries from 15 different students and 8 pieces of artwork from 6 different students.



These are the students that contributed writing to Reader’s Block:
Senior Emily Burr
Senior Jensen Garcia
Senior Jordan Ledyard
Junior Caitlin Jenkins
Sophomore Becca Cockley
Sophomore Meghan Denison
Sophomore Simon Hua
Sophomore Max Hurtubise
Sophomore Brittany Rojas
Freshman Lexie Arnoldi
Freshman Logan Cummings
Freshman Willem DeVries
Freshman Catie Duffy
Freshman Caden Sorota
Freshman Jay Woods

These are the students that contributed artwork to Reader’s Block:
Senior Megan Appell
Senior Miranda Holifield
Sophomore Olivia Morrissey
Freshman Logan Cummings
Freshman Vicky Hu
Freshman Jay Woods



Some of the writers in the club gave short author’s notes about their piece in the magazine.

Please, Have a Pinch of Patience by Jordan Ledyard
“My personal essay is basically a public service announcement to let people know how hard it is to work at a restaurant, and a reminder to be thoughtful of people’s feelings when you are a customer. Employees are people too! Although humor may take over most of the essay, the message should be taken seriously as it is important to many people in the workforce, especially those that are teenagers who do their best and are just trying to make some money! Enjoy and remember to always be respectful of others!”

The Recipe of Love by Willem DeVries
“My poem in the lit mag is the Recipe of Love. I created this piece to sound sweet and heartfelt. It is about what it takes to love someone for a long time both physically and metaphorically. I originally wrote this poem for myself to silently express my feelings about a girl I like because I was (and still am) too shy to ask her out. I believe that my piece does not fully express emotion, but it is still enjoyable to read and listen to.”

Disrespectful, Americanized Know-It-All by Simon Hua
“This poem walks the reader through the frustration of having one’s family stick labels on them, from the brother who shames them for acting so American to the father who is dead-set against them being anything other than a doctor. The tone flows from a calm beginning to a climax of frustration, which is brought back down in a calm ending as the poem comes full circle. I’ve already received positive feedback about the poem’s uniqueness in regards to its topic and writing style. I certainly hope you’ll give it a read.”

To Those Who Turned Me Down by Logan Cummings
“This poem has characteristics of a slam poem, but it’s less of a rant and more of a formal-sounding poetic burn. It’s about the anger you feel after being harshly rejected, and the process of building yourself up after being broken down, all while stomping over the person who rejected you. The ‘building yourself up’ in this poem is made up of highly hyperbolic comments that reflect the feeling of arrogance in order to free yourself from feeling like nothing. The piece is petty, angry bashing and you’ll probably love every line of it.”

After all of the work put into the Magazine, many people like the outcome. Freshman Gavin Carlisle remarked, “I think that this year’s publication of the Lit Mag looks like there was a lot of hard work put into it and that all of the people who contributed to it deserve tons of credit for what they have done this year.” Olivia said, “I really enjoyed seeing the works all these students put in.”

Faculty Advisor Julie Frydenborg is the main organizer of the club and the publication of Reader’s Block. She stated, “I am extremely proud of this year’s publication of the literary magazine because it shows off the creativity of our group and Morgan students.”

To enjoy the written works of the students, please pick up a copy of Reader’s Block from Ms. Frydenborg’s room or view it here!


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