NoodleTools: What Can it Provide To You

Written by Sam Pansa
Photo by Edina Schools|

NoodleTools is a site that is used by students at Morgan for citing work and to make projects and essays easier. Some students do not know what it is though, and some who do know what it is think that it is more work. But the ones who do use NoodleTools and like the practicality of it will be able to take it to college.NoodleTools

NoodleTools is an online site that helps with citing sources and organizing thoughts for projects. It creates a bibliography page which is very helpful. NoodleTools is a great organizer. When sorting thoughts and ideas, it can be confusing, but NoodleTools helps to keep information and ideas together.

Everyone knows that projects and essays can be stressful and that stress will only increase in college. Library Media Specialist Shannon Robinson said, “NoodleTools helps students become effective researchers. A lot of kids in college will contact me and say that they miss it.”

NoodleTools is offered to students for only fifteen dollars a year. That is a considerably low price for the use that NoodleTools provides to students.

Freshmen learn to use NoodleTools in the class Freshman Course. It helps students with their future at Morgan. An anonymous Senior stated “I don’t use NoodleTools. I feel like it deteriorates the quality of my work instead of helping me. I just don’t work well with what it provides.”

NoodleTools is not a inherently bad site though. If used correctly, it can be very helpful and useful for school projects and essays. Junior Emily Sorto said “NoodleTools helps me stay organized.”

For graduating students, NoodleTools is offering gift certificates. They make good graduating gifts. If you have any questions contact

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