Seniors- What Are You Doing Next Year?

Written by Erika Renkl and Sarah Dahlberg |

Many seniors are concerned with what they’re doing next year; will they end up at a four-year university, a community college, the military, or the workforce? We asked several seniors to see what their tentative plans are, and we found that most students are hoping for a degree from a four-year university. Out of eighteen students, eleven students knew exactly what university they wanted to attend with seven still on the fence about the final decision. A majority of seniors interviewed are planning to go to school outside of the state, spreading Morgan students across the East Coast, with students traveling to the University of Maine all the way to South Carolina.

The majors the individual students are choosing to pursue include pharmacy, accounting, nursing, computer science, forestry, mechanical engineering, history, psychology, and speech pathology. The number of seniors who knew what they wanted to major in was remarkable because there are thousands of different career paths to follow. One would think that a majority of students would go to college undecided to test the ropes and see what subject interested them the most, but the 2014 seniors have a drive and the right attitude to strive for their career or college experience.

Last year there was an article about where the 2013 seniors were attending college and what their intended majors were.

Juniors and seniors had a chance to learn about college life and experiences during the College Life Panel.

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3 responses to “Seniors- What Are You Doing Next Year?

  1. Great article guys! It is very interesting to see where everyone is planning on going next year and what they want to do as a career. I like that you asked a bunch of people, as there is a big range of what they want to do. And like Riley said, it is definitely scary to realize that we are leaving Morgan behind in just a few months.


  2. I thought this article was great, it kind of freaked me out to see all of us getting ready to leave and to see where we are all going and what we want to do with the rest of our lives.


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