Powder Puff Game

Written By Emily Zirkelbach|


What’s more fun than watching a football game? Actually participating in one!  This year’s freshman class is holding a fund raiser that will raise money not only for their class but for breast cancer. The fund raiser is a game of Powder Puff, Brunettes against Blondes playing touch football.  Each person will have flags on her sides that will be pulled instead of tackling like real football.

There have been two practices so far that were held on Saturday the 2nd from 12-2  and Saturday the 10th from 12-2. The last practice before the game on Sunday the 17th will be on Saturday the 16th, but instead of practicing at the school, this final practice will be held at Shoreline Fitness. That day at Shoreline the girls will take a cycling class that will be held by one of the trainers, Heather. After cycling, the girls will go to the field behind the gym and continue to practice for the the game the following day. At the last two practices, volunteer Jack from Shoreline Fitness came to help the girls understand the rules and ideas of football.

Not only have the girls been practicing hard for game day, but the boy cheerleaders have also been preparing to cheer for the girls. Boys have been practicing hard after school and can’t wait to show the school the routine they have put together. Friday the 15th everyone dressed in pink to show spirit for the game on Sunday that will be held at Peters Complex. Everyone is excited, and we hope many students come to support the girls! Sunday the 17th at 3pm.

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