A Game to Remember


Written by Alyssa LeMay and Calvin Jackson |

Friday September 11, Morgan played an intense game against last year’s runner up for state champions, North Branford. The game ended in a 40-37 win for Morgan that will set an exciting tone for the season.

“It was great even though the second half was nearly two hours due to injuries,” said Junior Zach McCray. This was due to the numerous accounts of the North Branford players cramping up. The enthusiasm of the crowd for the Huskies never ceased. It kept up with all the excitement with the help of the cheerleaders and the student section.

“It was great, everyone was so pumped to play!” said Junior Jordyn Suraci, who attended the game as a cheerleader for Morgan.

With a mere 46 seconds left, Senior Gabe Eriksen scored the winning touchdown, bringing home the win for the Huskies.

Senior, Will Fritz, wide receiver, said, “It was a great game. It’ll be a game to remember.”

Everyone is looking forward to the Valley game this Friday with high hopes of beating their biggest rival. Morgan seeks to beat up on Valley and take vengeance as a result of the loss that Morgan Football endured last season to the Valley Warriors.

Even though the game is at Valley, it is guaranteed that Morgan supporters, fans, and students will be attending the game.

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