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Senior Destinations 2020- Updated

Senior Destinations 2020- Updated

May 15, 2020

Created by Maggie Guba | Senior Destinations 2020 - Created by Maggie Guba Where are the seniors going after graduation? Watch the updated video to find out. Congratulations seniors! Best of luck with your lives beyond Morgan. ...

Junior Redemption

Winter Sports Pep Rally 2019

May 14, 2020

Written by Thomas Baker|Photos by the Morgan PawPrint| Many junior's feel lost. Similar to Senior's they have lost one of their more crucial years of high school. Many upcoming seniors are wondering what will happen with testing such as SAT's and ACT's for college. If they keep getting postponed, ...

Quarantine Workload

Quarantine Workload

April 24, 2020

Written by Thomas Baker | Photos by Thomas Baker Online school has been in session since March 25th, and students and staff have opinions about this new online learning. Staff shared their thoughts on their workload before the new schedule was put into place on April 6th. Students shared their ...

Quarantine Boredom

Morgan Husky

April 16, 2020

Written by Maddie Davenport| Many of you have been stuck at home during this quarantine with nothing to do. This article will give you some great ideas by sharing what others are doing to overcome their boring days at home. The loss of our second semester may be saddening to some, but there are o...

3-grade tie: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

3-grade tie: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

January 14, 2020

Written by: Samantha Wayne and Jenna Boylan | Video by: Samantha Wayne and Jenna Boylan | ...

Morgan Finds Zen

Morgan Finds Zen

December 19, 2019

Written By Jenna Boylan and Samantha Wayne|Photos By Samantha Wayne| The Zen Room was created by Senior Sydney Fratamico for her Legacy Project. The Legacy Project is a requirement for the Husky Leaders. The project allows them to leave their mark on the school. Hopefully, students after them will c...

Honoring Our Veterans

A veteran saluting

November 18, 2019

Written by Jenna Boylan|Photos by Clara Franzoni, Victoria Le, Olivia Riccio|Videos by Samantha Wayne| On Monday, November 11th, 2019, The Morgan School spent the morning honoring our veterans. Principal Keri Hagness and newly appointed Assistant Principal Chris Luther thanked everyone for coming ...

A Temporary Assistant Principal

Cynthia Schneider

November 1, 2019

Written by Sarah Williams |Photos by Sarah Williams | Cynthia Schneider has a new position here at Morgan: assistant principal. Well, for now. Cynthia Schneider Cynthia Schneider has come to The Morgan School for a reason, we don't have an assistant principal since Mr. Webb left to take a new position. She will be staying unti...

Morgan’s Spirit in Photos

Morgan's Spirit in Photos

October 24, 2019

Written By Jenna Boylan and Samantha Wayne|Pictures By Jenna Boylan, Maggie Guba, Samantha Clapper, Samantha Wayne, Tatiana Serrano| Monday- Pajama Day Tuesday- Tacky Tourist Wednesday- Squad day Thursday- Color warsFreshman Green, Sophomore Red, Juniors Purple, Seniors Light Blue ...

Morgan’s Blue Blood: Support Your Morgan Huskies

Morgan's Blue Blood: Support Your Morgan Huskies

October 11, 2019

Written, Produced, and Directed By Caitlin Rohrbacher | Welcome back to Morgan's Blue Blood segment. In this episode, athletes promoted their teams. Here at Morgan, students can participate in a variety of sports teams. Many players and captains shared that the teams work very hard and are improv...

Upcoming November Events

Upcoming November Events

November 6, 2018

Written by Rebekah Moro| Photos by PawPrint Staff | Spirit Week themes: November 5-9th Monday-Pajama day, Tuesday-Tourist day, Wednesday- Decades day, Thursday-Color wars, Friday-Blue out. Homecoming Pep Rally and the Powderpuff Game: Friday, November 9th.  The Powderpuff Game is at 6:00 pm at Joel. ...

Bridge Collapsing

Bridge Collapsing

October 17, 2018

Written by Ashlynn Leka and Owen Weekes | The storm on September 25th caused major flooding in Clinton. At The Morgan School, flooding occurred behind the school damaging the bridge to the fields. The pipe was not big enough to drain the excessive amount of water that was poured into the river fro...

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