Junior Redemption


Winter Sports Pep Rally 2019

Written by Thomas Baker|
Photos by the Morgan PawPrint|

Many junior’s feel lost. Similar to Senior’s they have lost one of their more crucial years of high school. Many upcoming seniors are wondering what will happen with testing such as SAT’s and ACT’s for college. If they keep getting postponed, how will college admissions work?

Others have concerns about sporting seasons and important high school traditions such as proms. Seniors are done with high school and looking at life beyond Morgan. However, juniors cannot say the same. They have a whole year left to redeem what they lost due to Covid-19.

Empty tennis courts are now a normal sight

Juniors shared their hopes for senior year. Current junior Ciro Falanga said that while “The beginning of senior year is up in the air,” he hopes to have a normal prom next spring, as well as less tragedy during the year. He also said he will strive for better grades, and among all hopes, he hopes that “we don’t have to go back to school in fear.” Current junior Alex Wolf said, “I want to make sure I go to everything I can and not take for granted being with my friends at school.” She said she is currently doing what she can to stay optimistic about upcoming sports as a senior and senior year overall.

Another junior Rachael Pelligrini said she hopes to “go to lots of sports games. With EEE in the fall, I missed out on getting to watch my friends play their sport and going to football games. Then with corona, there were no lacrosse games or baseball games.” She says she has high hopes for senior year because of traditions, such as senior nights and the assassins game in the spring which is a longstanding Morgan tradition.

Junior Maddey Dunham said, “I hope to make even more memories with my friends than I could have ever imagined to make up for the lost time of junior year.” Maddey added that there were some parts of school she didn’t realize were so important to her until they were gone: “I think that seeing how the class of 2020 was affected by the coronavirus puts the end of high school all into perspective.”

Overall, juniors are hopeful that the pandemic will not affect their senior year. Soon they want to resume testing for college and spending time with their friends at Morgan.

With the announcement made that students will officially not return to school this academic year, students are more appreciative of all that Morgan has to offer. Hopes are high that next year will not be a repeat of the 2019-2020 school year.