Morgan Finds Zen


Written By Jenna Boylan and Samantha Wayne|
Photos By Samantha Wayne|

The Zen Room was created by Senior Sydney Fratamico for her Legacy Project. The Legacy Project is a requirement for the Husky Leaders. The project allows them to leave their mark on the school. Hopefully, students after them will carry on their legacy that is created. Sydney got this idea from Robert E. Fitch High School. Sydney wanted to create this room so “students can go in there so they can decompress.” To begin the project of creating this room, she had to first get the funding. She had to create a proposal and a power point for the Morgan Trust, a group that manages funds for The Morgan School. Sydney got approved for 800 dollars and was able to get more money when it was needed.

Sydney wanted to fill the need to give students a place to go if they are having a bad day or if they just need a place to calm down. Guidance Counselor Joni Zdunczyk was also involved with the Zen Room. Mrs. Zdunczyk explains that the room is “a need for a chance to slow down and take a deep breath.” Any student is allowed to go and take a minute to calm down in the Zen Room.

There are multiple ways students can use the Zen Room. One way is for group counseling, some students are given passes to go down to the room and have their meetings with their counselors. Another way it can be accessed is, any student can go down and ask secretary Janette Theiler if the room is in use, if it is not, she can unlock it for the student, and then they can go relax for a little while. The last way that the student can use the room is if they have a pass. If the student is given a pass, they can go down there at any time of the day and the room will be unlocked and they will have a ten-minute timer. When the students’ time is up, they have to report back to class.

Sophomore Lily Harris is one of the students who has used the Zen Room. Lily explains that “it’s good for when you are feeling down or in a lot of pressure that you need to get off. You can come down and take a breather and use the coloring books that are in there to help you relax.” There are a lot of students who utilize this room. If you need a space to breathe, go check out the Zen Room.