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Quarantine Boredom

Morgan Husky

Written by Maddie Davenport|

Many of you have been stuck at home during this quarantine with nothing to do. This article will give you some great ideas by sharing what others are doing to overcome their boring days at home. The loss of our second semester may be saddening to some, but there are other ways to cheer everyone up.

Some great suggestions for fighting the battle with boredom is to get active in this great weather that we have been having. Get out and go for a hike or a walk, but please practice social distancing while doing this activity. Morgan junior Rachael Pellegrini recommends going for hikes on trails or walking your dogs.

Rocky Neck State Park

Junior Bella Dowd and freshman Millie Whelan suggest baking and making food to keep occupied. Another suggestion that was given by many students at The Morgan School was to watch Netflix or different movies. According to Media Think Nun, Netflix has added 50 more shows to Netflix in just the past month. Since the end of February, Netflix usage has gone up 53% from 345,000 users to 529,000 users. Some shows that our student body suggest are Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, Tiger King, and All American.

Though we are not going to school, many students at Morgan are stressed and disappointed. Many are trying to cope with the loss of the second semester and the spring sports season. Some ways to deal with this stress could be to find a meditation video on youtube to help you relax and relieve yourself from the anxiety of this virus.

Sophomore Ava Zirlis says that she enjoys spending her time on Tik Tok. On Vox it states that Avani Gregg, member of Tik Tok’s Hype House, told Rolling Stones, that her social media platforms activity has gone up 25% since the pandemic started. Tik Tok has millions of videos and dances that teenagers have become obsessed with learning, and now with all this free time they are posting and watching more and more.

If social media is not your thing, you could take a more creative route to cure your boredom like Junior Maddie Corgan: “I like to paint because it brings color and unique aspects to my home when I hang them up and see them around. It’s also calming to have something to distract me when everything is going on, and I know when I’m painting that that means all my work is done, and I can relax”.

Sophomores AJ Supik and Jenna Boylan like to spend their free time playing the popular game Fortnite as I’m sure many other students do as well.

I hope this article has given you some ideas on how to spend your extra time. We hope everyone stays healthy and remembers to social distance. Remember no matter how bored you are, it is never a good idea to dye your own hair or give yourself bangs!

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