Canada Trip Canceled: What Happened?


By Kate Driscoll and Amanda LaRiverie |

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When  World Language teacher Mrs. Sunny informed our class that we would be taking a trip to Canada, the class was ecstatic. Asking a million questions about the trip, our freshman class couldn’t wait until March to go. We were told about going sledding, staying in hotels, and learning about the culture and how the language was used. About  two months after this, I walked into class with a burning question, having heard from a senior that the trip had been canceled. When I asked Mrs. Sunny if it was true, she replied with a sad, “yes”. The class was furious. Why had this happened? Rumors floated around the school, but no one knew for sure. Some said that the Olympics in Sochi, Russia would cause terrorism among other countries such as Canada. Others said that the trip wasn’t approved on time. When asked, Mrs. Sunny declined comment.

Taylor Bernier a freshman who was looking forward to the trip, said, “I was very excited because I wanted to go, but then it got cancelled. I don’t know why it got cancelled but I was really sad.”

Mr. Zawadski, who has gone on the trip multiple times, said, “This was the first year it ended up getting cancelled. We originally went to Montreal one year, Quebec the next year. Then it changed to going to both cities every other year. I was disappointed it was cancelled this year.”

We asked Mr. Webb, assistant principal, what happened. He explained, “Because of the changes with the CAPT tests and junior portfolio, the dates were never set, and we couldn’t go on the trip”. Because the state was changing test types, the school could not confirm the dates, which did not give parents enough time to gather the money they needed or obtain passports for the students. However, he said that the trip will definitely take place next year.