Room for Improvement: Second Semester



Written by Maggie LaCross|

We all know that our study habits tend to falter second semester. Excitement for summer tends to override our ambition to do well. However, many students are making goals now to do better than they did first semester.

Procrastination is a word that many of us are far too familiar with. Celia LaCross, junior, said “I plan to stop procrastinating because I get stressed and don’t do my best work because I’m rushing.” If you also struggle with procrastination, try to set time goals for when you hope to start and finish tasks. You can also try to eliminate distractions when you are trying to complete something. For more procrastination tips visit

Studying is another time consuming activity that has been an issue with students. In the end, not studying can be just as stressful as spending time studying. Both Riley Musial and Aj Rai said that they plan on studying more second semester. For good study habit tips visit or

Even though it seems as if  it doesn’t matter at the time, homework counts as a big portion of the class. I have learned over the years that a few missed homework assignments can end up having a huge impact on my grade. Mike Esposito, junior, said, “I plan on putting more effort into my homework.” The common belief is that just doing your homework is enough. However, as some people already know, just doing your homework quickly to get it done won’t actually help you learn anything. Try spending a little more time doing your homework this semester, and if you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask your teachers.

Second Semester is a great opportunity to improve yourself and your school performance. Take advantage of that opportunity by doing all assignments to the best of your ability, studying, and not waiting till the last minute to get work done.