AP Achievements

Written by PaulMichael Mullally |

With education reform at its ultimate height and the Common Core being implemented into curriculums nation-wide, teachers and students are continuing to adapt to new programs that will help aid the future of our country.  Becoming increasingly popular in U.S.’s schools is the Advanced Placement program. The higher-level, academically challenging program offers a variety of subjects at the secondary level ranging from social sciences to mathematics; students are given the opportunity to take a national AP Exam in the spring to earn college credit.  The AP program claims its curriculum offers the “best indicator available of whether students are prepared for college-level work.” In addition, the program’s website claims that “students who master AP courses are three times more likely to graduate from college,” giving an extensive value to an AP Program. Here at Morgan several AP courses are offered to any student who is capable and willing to take the course(s); courses offered include AP Biology, AP Physics, AP European History, AP United States History, AP Spanish V, and AP Calculus.

Most recently, Morgan was honored with the AP District Honor Roll. By increasing the access to AP courses by 11%, increasing/maintaining the same percentage of exams taken by African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, and American Indian/Alaska Native students, and increasing/maintaining AP exam scores of a three or higher between 2011 and 2013, Morgan was able to achieve this status. In addition, Connecticut places ninth in the country for the percentage increase in passing math, science, and English AP scores since 2008.

One of the driving forces behind Morgan’s AP Program is AP U.S. History teacher, Dianna Rizzo. Ms. Rizzo was recently approached by the National Math and Science Initiative to be an AP consultant in New York City’s public school system. Based on her previous experience and success with the AP program, Ms. Rizzo will mentor two teachers who are new to teaching an AP class. In addition, she’ll also have to help with four Saturday study sessions. Ms. Rizzo stated, “I’m very excited and honored” to have this opportunity. Having taken AP U.S. with Ms. Rizzo and passing the AP exam in the spring, I can assure you she is the perfect candidate to show other newbies to the AP program how it’s done.