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5 Three-Sport Captains Lead

Lacrosse, Soccer, Football, Tennis, etc…
Ari Salgar
Jack Nye dunking off of Robby Estabrook’s pass

This year there are four seniors and one junior who are captains for fall, winter, and spring sports. Seniors Jack Nye, Maeve Madura, Robert Estabrook, and Gavin Gersz are three sports captains. The only three sport junior captain is Michael Fusco. Each captain has led their team to great standings. 

Jack Nye 

Senior Jack Nye led the football team to a great season with a 7 -6 record. In basketball, Jack led the team to the Shoreline Finals against Cromwell. Hopefully, a great season comes out of golfing as well. So far this year he achieved All-Conference, first-team, and Player of the Year for football. For basketball, he got the first team. 

The most important quality of a captain is how they manage their academics and sports. Jack manages his time by “setting a schedule”. Jack and “planning ahead of time”. He said, “By the beginning of Monday, you should know what you are doing and, by Friday you should next week and it starts to become a routine.”  His greatest sport to steer the path was football and to him, his teammates are a “Band of brothers, like family together in a game of war with two teams going head-to-head It strengthens relationships.” He sees the role of captain-ship as “the higher-ups to guide those underneath.” Jack believes as captain he sets a model of how players should manage their time more pristinely and how to model for the younger players, which is something that he also wants when he enters his college football career. 

He hasn’t decided on his major yet, but he is committed to Colby College. Jack said, “I hope to be introduced to new people and teach me things that I didn’t know before. He hopes to share what he learns with younger people who come in the future. 

His co-captain, senior Tyler Baldwin, said, “ It was great having him as a co-captain. He was great at helping motivate the team and helping bring us closer to the Old Saybrook and Westbrook kids after co-oping with them. He was also very helpful in making decisions as captain that were best for the team.” 

Robby Estabrook

Senior Robert Estabrook, the man with a plan, competed in cross-country, basketball, and track & field. He had a great season for cross-country but a better season in basketball going 18-2 for the team record. He is the greatest javelin thrower in all of CT class M. His favorite sport to captain is basketball. The team had the best twenty-game season in the history of Morgan. 

So how does a captain of his ability spend his time after school? Robby said, “After practice, I go home and complete my homework and school work.” He added, “Time management is kinda hard. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier as it goes.” He’s also going to extend his javelin career and head to Marion Military Institute to compete there. He set many big goals already for his career: “I’m going to be doing track at Marion Military Institute and hope to win the national championship.”  Once he wins the championship, he has plans beyond Marion. He said, “ I hope to transfer to the Navy after, do NCAA’s, and the Patriot League.” Big dreams for a big man, we love to see. His co-captain for basketball Jack said, “Honor to be a co-captain with Robby, coaches take time to choose their captains and this year he made a good choice, choosing Robby. We have trust in the team and trust in each other, and that’s why we had a strong team this year.” Wise words for a young man. 

Moving on to another accomplished captain, Maeve Madura.

Maeve Madura

Senior Maeve Madura had a great season in soccer with a win in the Shoreline conference for the third time in a row. The basketball team went all the way to the finals, but unfortunately lost to East Hampton, but there is a better season to come for lacrosse. She achieved this year’s All-conference, first-team, and player of the year for soccer. In basketball, she got second team. She cannot choose a favorite sport. Maeve said, “I love being captains of all of my sports because each team is so different. I love them all because they allow me to lead the team by example and be a support person for the underclassmen to come to.”  

How does a captain of this great length manage her time? Maeve said, “After school, I try to get most of my work done because I have an H-period study. I make sure

Maeve Madura

that I use most of my time and get work done, so I don’t have a ton of work after practice, I’ve learned throughout high school that it’s all about managing your time and making a schedule.” In college, she’ll be playing lacrosse for Wesleyan. One thing she hopes to gain from college lacrosse is “a friendship and relationships from being on a team because being part of a team has made me into the person I am today and taught me so many valuable lessons that I will carry on for the rest of my life.” 

Lili Luciani who does the same three sports as her and has been doing sports with her since freshman year, said,  “She is a great natural leader. She knows how to make everyone feel like they are part of the team and makes sure everyone is welcome. She also understands her responsibilities and can make our practice fun while also making sure we are all focused and improving.” Kind and honest words from a true and grateful friend.

Gavin Gersz

Senior Gavin Gersz is captain of the cross-country, fencing, and tennis teams. She had an incredible fencing season this year winning the Shoreline Title. Now, there is a great season to come for Tennis. Her sport to be captain of is fencing. She finds that in fencing the team is “closer with each other than the other sports.” Everyone works together to improve their technical abilities on the team.“The people and the coaches are more understanding and easier to get to.” 

Captain Gavin Gersz fencing (Taylor Breen)

So how does a high achieving captain student manage their time? “Study is helpful, 1 hour of after-school time to deal with and get work done as soon as possible after school or practice.”  She doesn’t know what college to attend yet and will not be partaking in her sport, but we wish her luck in her future. Senior Sarah Morrissey, a fellow captain of fencing had some great words to say about Gavin: “Great captain. The Epee people loved her as a mentor. Sarah added that Gavin, “ kept the team very well-rounded and coordinated.”  



Michael Fusco

The last of our three sports captains is junior Michael Fusco, the youngest of the captains. He is the only junior this year to be a three-sport captain. The sports he competes in are soccer and indoor and outdoor track. With an unfortunate season in soccer going 7-9-2,  Michael sees the team’s potential to win the Shoreline Championship next year. In indoor track, he finished 4th place in the 300-meter dash from a total of twelve schools, but his favorite sport is soccer. Michael said, “ I feel more of a family in soccer, and I’ve done track & field my whole life, but I prefer soccer. I’ve been doing it since I was six, and it feels better.” 

Michael also shared his time management skills. “During soccer season, we have practice from after school to 5:30. After that, I get home relax, shower, and then start on homework. During track season, I go right home and stick to homework until it’s all finished.” What a responsible young lad preparing a stronger future for himself. Starting right after soccer season, Michael is plotting his plans for boy’s soccer next year.

Junior, Captain, #2, Michael Fusco with ball. Senior, #13, Ryan Donadio to the right. (Ainsleigh Landino)

Michael said, “ My two minor goals are to win States and Shoreline, but my greatest goal is to keep a tighter family for the younglings.” He isn’t done there. He also said, “ I need to be the best.”  What a humble plan. Kolby his co-captain for this year had something to say. “ Fusco has his moments. Most of the time he is in his silly mood and a great friend on and off the field. When needed, he got serious in guiding the team for the better. When we got down, he helped us up.”

Our sports captains at Morgan play an important role on the teams, both on or off the field, by setting a model or participating. To keep track of Morgan sports, visit The Morgan PawPrint Scores and Schedule to see previous and future scores.


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