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’23 Graduate Alissa Supik

College Life With Alissa Supik
Alissa Supik

Morgan graduate of 2023 Alissa Supik is now attending Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts. When she started looking into colleges, Alissa knew that she wanted to go to a 

smaller school with a tight community. Alissa said that the environment at school is not only welcoming and fun, but it’s also professional and truly helps cultivate an environment of future leadership. “I love going to class every day and getting to say hi to 10-15 of my friends in the five-minute walk it takes to get from my dorm to the academic buildings.” Alissa has a personal life at school. “Simply by putting myself out there in ways such as becoming the rugby manager or partaking in student government, I have created connections and relationships with people not only in my grade but upperclassmen, coaches, and professors as well.”


Alissa is currently a marketing major, but she said she is not completely set on that right now. “I feel like it is a good start for my freshman year. Most of my classes are general education classes, but as the year progresses, my classes will narrow down to more major-focused classes.”

Alissa is the rugby manager: “Our season was incredible. We went undefeated in every game 

and even won our championships. The team to me is like one big family, and I have 40 brothers instead of just one.” Alissa is also her class secretary, which she said is a very educational experience for her. “I feel like I am truly capable of making a difference at my school, and being a part of student government gives me the voice to.”

One of the many teachers who had an impact on Alissa at Morgan was English teacher Leslie Chausse. “I always looked forward to going to her class. Her assignments sparked creativity in me, and I loved the overall environment that her classroom created. Not only do I have so many fun and memorable stories from being in her room, but many of the lessons we learned in that class felt extremely important for our generation to hear.” Mrs. Chausse said Alissa was always smiling and always bringing joy to her day. “I had her as a student for two years. She worked well with other students. She was conscientious, and I also loved hearing about her acting and performing.”

Another one of Alissa’s favorite teachers was social studies teacher Christopher Zawadski. She had him for 3 years: in freshman year history, AP Gov, and he was also her advisory teacher. Alissa said, “Mr. Zawadski was able to watch me grow as a student and as a person. Zawad always brought a smile to his students’ faces and pushed us to be the best that we could be.” Mr. Zawadski said that Alissa was one of his all-time favorite students. “She was interesting. She had opinions. She was able to back them up. She had a great attitude every day. She came to class ready to participate and learn, and she was one of my favorite advisees of all time, so I had her for four years. I had her in US history, I had her Sports in American Culture, and I had her in AP Gov, and it makes me sad I don’t get to see her every day still.” 

In high school, Alissa was never into sports, so she was the manager of the wrestling team for all four years. “ I found that managing was a great way to be a part of a team and I am so happy that I stuck with it.” During her senior year, Alissa decided to do the Morgan

Alissa Supik

Musical Damn Yankees. “ I have done theater with Shoreline Theater Academy since 2015, but I always saw theater as an outside-of-school activity, but I decided to step out of that mindset senior year and try out for the musical.” Alissa played the female lead Lola and said it was such a fun and rewarding experience. “The cast grew so close in the few months we spent rehearsing and I loved watching those around me see the beauty in theater.”

Alissa Supik

One thing Alissa misses most about High School is STEP. She loved introducing the incoming freshmen to the next four years where they would find their possible forever best friends, learn who they are, and discover their new passions and interests. “I feel like STEP brought the entire school together, and as the years continue, the upperclassmen taking on the leadership roles makes everything come full circle.”

A piece of advice that Alissa would like to give to current and future Morgan students is that it is ok to make mistakes. That mindset helped her make it through her four years of high school. “I consider myself a perfectionist, but once I realized that mistakes are the best way to learn, I became less hard on myself. I started to look at mistakes as an opportunity. Opportunity for improvement, for learning, change, etc.”

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Lexi Kinniburgh, Photographer, Videographer, Weekly Blast Manager
Hi! I'm Lexi, a sophomore this year, and it is my first time photographing and videoing for the PawPrint. I am involved in Morgan by participating in the school musicals, and I also do some different clubs. I am so excited to be an editor and reporter this year and look forward to showcasing sports, and other school events that we will have throughout the semester!

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    Paula FunaroJan 10, 2024 at 3:28 pm

    Beautiful article on this wonderful young woman I have been so lucky to know since she was a little girl!
    I see big things already happening for a very bright future, no matter what you choose to pursue, Alissa Supik!

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    ChrisJan 10, 2024 at 2:55 pm

    Fanfastic way to help current students see that the transition to college can be wonderful!