Art, More than a Class


Writen by Liam and Owen Zamecnik |

Have you ever taken an art class at this school?  If not, I highly suggest you try out one of the entry level classes for a fun experience.  Mrs.Neri, the art teacher, here at The Morgan School has been the head of the art department for the past fourteen years. We decided to do a piece on art because there’s not a lot of advertising done to promote the great program we have.

            When we asked  Mrs.Neri  what’s her favorite part about teaching art, she explained, “I enjoy seeing students have the opportunity to gain interest in being creative with their projects and become more enthusiastic about art as more than just a class”.  We also asked her what her favorite project was. She said “My favorite project we’ve done is the bronze sculptures which were painted with bronze colored paint to imitate a real bronze statue.” Mrs.Neri said she became interested in becoming an art teacher after getting a bachelors in art. She spent an additional year in college to become certified to teach. We interviewed a few students in her class asking about their opinion on the course, Sarah Anderson said, “ the class is not as  easy I’d anticipated.” Rachel Sneider said,”the projects require a lot more effort and concentration than one would assume.”  Over all the art program here is a great way to express creativity during school and a wonderful way to enlighten one’s views on art  and beauty.