Have a Haunted Hullabaloo


Haunted Hallways poster

Written by Maggie LaCross|

REACT is back again on the 27th of October with the annual Haunted Hallways. Members of REACT have been working hard to put together a scary sight for all people who attend. A lot of preparation goes into Haunted Hallways- any participant of React would tell you. Last year’s Haunted Hallways theme was classic fairy tales. The hallway I was a part of was the Little Red Riding Hood story, which was led by Celia LaCross and Bailey Shea. We transformed the business hallway into a creepy forest and had people play parts in the tale. With each hallway was a different story, with each story was a sinister twist to the original.This year, the theme is going well above and beyond last year’s.

REACT is known for programs such as spirit night, haunted hallways, and most of all, felix. The REACT club works together to create fun experiences and wonderful memories. As a freshman, I was in REACT and really enjoyed it, so I was sure to join again this year. For sophomores it’s really important to find your hobbies and figure out what things you think you’ll be interested in doing for the rest of your years at Morgan. REACT is the club that I have decided to stay with. Members of REACT have a bond and work together to solve problems and generate awesome events. They get the school connected through fun activities.

Recently, REACT members have been putting in a lot of effort to put their hallway together quickly. Each hallway has held seperate meetings with their group alone to ensure that they will acheive a truley haunted hallway.

Tickets to Haunted Hallways are only $3. Proceeds go to Clinton Social Services.