Mr.Sylvia Returns to Morgan After 3.5 Years

Teaching Jewelry Making, Sculpture, Drawing and Painting

Lola Damiano, Writer/Reporter


Potential Class Project

As the end of semester one approached, a familiar face reappeared. Art teacher Justin Sylvia, returned to Morgan after three and a half years teaching elementary art. Mr.Sylvia started semester two off strong, full of energy for his classes. 

The five classes Mr.Sylvia is teaching are Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Drawing and Painting II, Drawing and Painting I, and Sculpture. Mr.Sylvia introduced many new projects to his classes. Mr.Sylvia explained, ¨I am most excited for being able to do more complex projects.¨ In Jewelry Making students are working on creating Kumihimo Japanese style braids. This is a new project for many of the students including Mr.Sylvia. 

Mr. Sylvia explained how he prepares to teach a class like jewelry that he has never taught before. He has some former jewelry background knowledge. However he said, ¨A big struggle for me is fibers and braiding. It is a point of inexperience.¨ He shared how he teaches himself how to do the projects for his classes before he teaches his students. He also described how excited he is to be teaching highschool students. Mr Sylvia said, ¨A pro is being able to teach with a higher order of thinking. Students can analyze a work of art and the meaning instead of what is visible.¨ Previously he taught preschool through fourth grade in West Haven.

Mr. Sylvia took a new organizational approach to the art room. He takes pride in keeping the art room clean and presentable, along with having supplies handy to students. Mr.Sylvia said, ¨I’ve been going through each and every cabinet and drawer, taking stock of what I have; consolidating materials, and labeling drawers, so it is easier for students to find them.¨ He has also been gathering baskets and buckets to use for organization. 

Mr.Sylvia was a paraprofessional at the old Morgan School for a year, and a para at the new school for a year before becoming the art teacher at the Morgan School. Mr.Sylvia is very excited to be back. After months of having a substitute in the art room, students are excited to see that Mr.Sylvia fits this position. He said, ¨ This is the best group of classes that I have ever had, a true honest statement.¨ We are very excited as we welcome back Mr.Sylvia to the Morgan art room. 

Mr.Sylvia ´s Artwork he Hopes to Turn into a Class Project