New Social Worker: Brian Murphy

Mr. Murphy Shares His Experiences

Amelia Whelan, Writer

Social Worker Brian Murphy recently joined the Morgan staff. He was born in Massachusetts, lived in New Hampshire, and attended Guilford Public Schools. He has lived in Guilford for 36 years. However, he attended three different colleges to succeed in his career. He went to the University of Delaware, Southern Connecticut State University for his master’s in social work, followed by Sacred Heart University for his administration certification. He has 20 years of experience being a social worker in schools.
Mr. Murphy has always enjoyed working with young people and their families. That is how he knew that he would be a perfect fit for this particular profession. He claimed that his favorite element of being a social worker is “Waking up every day with the possibility of helping someone make a meaningful change in their life.” Morgan seemed like the right choice since he felt as if we had a great community and awesome people to work with. He hopes to meet as many people as he can while he is here at Morgan.

Outside of work, Mr. Murphy spends most of his time with his three children. He has turkeys and chickens at home. He appreciates being so close to the water, especially since he likes fishing.

Morgan is happy to have a group of amazing staff members. These individuals make a positive impact in our school community with accomplishing all that they do. We are excited to have Mr. Murphy joining our Morgan family.