Morgan Welcomes New Staff Member

Mrs. Rodriguez Joins the Support Staff

Katie Martin, Writer, Reporter

As we kick off the start of the new school year, Morgan has welcomed new students and staff. Mrs. Rodriguez is a fellow Clinton resident and a brand-new addition to the Morgan support staff. Her title is educational paraprofessional. A para provides support to the teacher and especially to students with disabilities in the classroom or those who need modified instruction or assistance. Many students rely on this support, which is why we are so excited to have a new addition to our team. 

Photo of Mrs. Rodriguez

This is also her first time ever working in a school. Before Morgan, Mrs. Rodriguez was a licensed cosmetologist but she found  it was not quite fitting her children’s schedule. Stepping into a new career, she wanted something that worked with her home life. She interviewed at Joel before Morgan because she applied for a preschool position to be a paraeducator. However, because Morgan is diverse with many students who don’t speak English, they asked if she would take a position at the high school because Mrs. Rodriguez is bilingual.

A typical day at Morgan for Mrs. Rodriguez is going to all the classes that her students attend. She specifically deals with students in special education and helps them with whatever they need, whether that be homework, studying, classwork, etc. She is there to help both the teacher and the student. 

Her goal for this year is to learn as much as she can about being a para. She’s enjoying her new position. She looks forward to what she will experience this year and moving forward.