Freshmen Impressions



 Written by  Emily Sobieraj |

A new year comes along with another wave of freshmen entering the Morgan School. I interviewed some of the students in my grade and each had different opinions on the upperclassmen, the sports, the work, and the faculty.
I also asked a teacher what he thinks of the class of 2017.

Kelsey Lebert answers: “I love the school because you are more free to do the things you want. The field hockey team is really nice, and we do a lot of running. I think the upperclassmen are hot. LOL!”

Julia Horan responds: “All the teachers are so supportive and welcoming. I’m really excited to be spending the year learning with them. I really like the school and everyone has been so welcoming. The work is a little more demanding, but being busy is just a part of life I suppose.”

Sydney Chomicz proclaims: ” I think the upperclassmen are very nice and they have been so helpful and very welcoming. I love, love, love the teachers. I’m hoping to get honor roll as I have in past years.”

Olivia Digiandomenico says: “I think the upperclassmen are very nice, and they help out the freshmen a lot. On my first day there were a lot of upperclassmen who helped me find my way around. I love Morgan, and I think it is a wonderful school full of wonderful people. I think the teachers are very knowledgeable and are nice to all their students. I love all my teachers.”

As you can see each student interviewed here has good things to say about Morgan and seems to be positive about the oncoming four year experience. That is true for teachers as well. I interviewed a teacher popular and loved  throughout Morgan, as the rumors go, about the new freshmen.

Mr. Beckett said: “They are an extremely bright and courteous bunch of students. They are not afraid to raise their hands and share what is on their minds. They show a great deal of respect, and personally, I appreciate that.

A big thanks to Mr. Beckett and the four other students for their time and cooperation. Hopefully others can relate to their responses.