Honk If You Are Annoyed


Written by Katie Costello |

Each year, students line up in front of the office at 6:45 in a huge line to get their ideal parking spots. There have been many years where the organization of parking has been an issue. Students and teachers have explained to me that the parking system at Morgan needs to be improved tremendously.

First, how parking spots are given out is unorganized. Mrs. Sunny informed me that teachers do not get a red card to go on their windshield or rear view mirrors as the students do. Students suggested to me that the resource officer should check the parking lot to make sure that students aren’t stealing others spots, and students should get ticketed for violating the rules. Tanner Romanos explains that he wouldn’t even want to park in the school parking lot. He said,” the spots at the school parking lot are way too overpriced. It seems silly that the school wants me to pay $50 to get a parking spot, and then the chances of having my parking spot taken by someone else are almost bound to happen.” Sean Davidson says,” I would just park in the commuter lot. It’s not $50. I don’t have to wait in a line in the morning. I don’t have to fill out a form, and it takes less time to get home at the end of the day.”

Ciarra Vanderveen and Olivia Scobie explained to me that people drive recklessly in the parking lot. Olivia said, “People drive in and come whipping around the corner, nearly hitting another parked car and the curb. People like that shouldn’t be able to have parking privileges in the school parking lot because they are being disrespectful and are causing danger to everyone around them.” Mrs. Sunny also said,” It’s dangerous that parents can pull up right next to and around the buses to drop their kids off for school. I think they should drive up to the doors near the cafeteria, drop their kids off, turn around, and go out the other way.” Many people agree that the parking area is too congested and is causing dangerous situations.

There have also been many debates on whether seniors should get the privilege to choose parking spots over the underclassmen that have cars. The school lets only seniors line up on the first day, early in the morning, to get their ideal parking spot, but many still think this isn’t sufficient. Many seniors think they should be the only students allowed to park in the school parking lot, but some explained this wouldn’t be fair to the other students. Jake Ward said, “The parking spaces in the back of the school near the Indian River should be open to everyone so we have more spots to park in.” Mrs. Sunny says,” the parking spots should be picked by a lottery system. Everyone should get a form to write down their name and license number, and then the office should put all the forms in a bowl and assign a parking spot to each person as they pick the names.”

Mike Baker explains in his article “The New Morgan School: A Final Update” that there will be 150 student parking spaces, more than enough for all students who drive. Also, the New Morgan will have seperate lanes for buses and cars so the entrance will no longer be clogged. Although the students currently at Morgan will not benefit from these changes, the new school will offer a parking lot that will provide a safe and spacious parking expierence.