Scholarship Money For All


Written by Ethan Madura |
Photos by Ethan Madura |

There are many scholarships that help all types of students from the band to being a lefty. You might be wondering who gets and organizes these opportunities for Morgan? That would be Guidance secretary Janet Theiler. 

Mrs. Theiler has a passion for helping students with their college careers and getting them the best help financially. She runs a workshop during X block that helps students with college scholarships and organizing for scholarships. She believes that the room and workshop will fill up as the year goes on and keep getting bigger. 

The Morgan School students got over 60,000 dollars last year from scholarships alone. She also said that anyone is eligible as long as they follow the requirements. Although the rewards of these scholarships are clear and substantial, students seem to wait until around February to get started. Mrs. Theiler said the earlier you start, the more opportunities you get for scholarships and money to help you along your college career. Just ask and get in contact with Mrs. Theiler to take advantage of these opportunities. 

It also does not matter what type of scholarship students apply for, whether it is local or national. Many students look at those national scholarships and feel as if they could never do that when really they are not far out of reach. Senior Will Devries got second place in a national scholarship and won 10,000 dollars which is a huge scholarship for college. Mrs. Theiler will always give help as long as you ask for it.

Scholarships are announced through Naviance, on the Guidance Scholarship website, on the bulletin board in guidance and on the morning announcements.