From Indonesia to Morgan: Mr. Milcent


Written by Samantha Wayne and Jenna Boylan|

The Morgan School welcomed two new teachers in the mathematics department at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. One of them, Julien Milcent, replaced long-time mathematics teacher Mike Underwood, who retired from the Morgan School after teaching here for 32 years. Mr. Milcent teaches Algebra 2 Honors and Level 1 Algebra 2.

Mr. Milcent has been teaching since 2014. He feels that the policies at Morgan are well maintained, and students are kind and respectful. All school districts are run differently, but in Mr. Milcent’s experience, Morgan’s staff is less strict than teachers are in other schools.

Mr. Milcent spent some time in Indonesia as a Peace Corps Volunteer and he also taught English to the students in Indonesia. He said, “Indonesia was very different for so many reasons, but teaching abroad was just very enlightening to see how a school could be run.” He said he learned, “the things that make education in America different from education abroad. In general students in Indonesia were much more “respectful of authority than United States students.”

When asked what his favorite thing was about teaching math, Mr. Milcent explained, “I love the ah-ha moments when you’re teaching kids and you’re kind of getting them to a concept.” He explained that he likes “to kind of lead kids to the direction” because then he can “see if they can get there on their own.” He said, “you see it in their face, or they say it out loud, ah-ha. They finally get it.”

Mr. Milcent is enjoying his new position at Morgan so far, along with his students and his classes. Everyone welcome Mr. Milcent into the Morgan family.