Water Gun Fun


Written by Mike Savage and Ford Pender |

Photos Taken by Mike Savage |

Video Made by Ford Pender and Mike Savage |

Senior Assassins began April 29th. Assassins is a competition we have at Morgan every year. It gives the seniors a chance to have some fun with the entire grade before they leave Morgan. Seniors choose their partners to face off for a prize awarded on the eve of graduation.

The photos above are the official rules of the game. Each team is assigned another competing team to eliminate. While each team is focusing on who they have to eliminate, the team has to worry about the other team that is trying to get them out as well.

There are safe zones that could make or break a team’s rush to the top. Inside the school is off limits. Although the parking lot is only a safe zone during the school week from 7am – 2:30pm, weekends are fair game. The only other safe spots are game and practice fields during school sports, inside homes and cars unless invited and field trips and Husky Helper Day.

This year’s Assassins is run by Erin Lindsay. Good Luck to all students participating.