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Finding the Right Career

Written by John Inglis|

March 15th, 2019 was our second career day for the students of The Morgan School. On Career day, every student in Morgan attends sessions on 3 different career clusters. At each cluster, students hear three different speakers. For example, the law cluster had a police officer, a lawyer, and a federal criminal investigator as presenters. Students filled out a survey to determine which clusters they attended. During the event, students were exposed to 9 careers.

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security: Federal Criminal Investigator Danielle Pensa and FBI Special Agent Alan Reiner.

Federal Criminal Investigator Danielle Pensa described her job, the required education, and skills, and related occupations. As a Federal Criminal investigator, she needs to enforce and uphold multiple laws such as the Management Reporting and Disclosure Act. She must work with multiple agencies. Danielle said that there is no such thing as a typical day as a Federal Criminal Investigator. Every day is different because there are always different cases to deal with and solve, different people to interview and records to dissect. The job requires a Bachelors degree or higher and a large amount of on the job training. At the end of her presentation, she gave the students a link to a government website if you are interested in this type of job.

In his position as an FBI Special Agent, Alan Reiner works with FBI agencies all over the world, from North America to Europe, and all the way to Australia. He gave the students a load of priorities that the agency has to be responsible for and deal with. Some examples are counterterrorism, counterintelligence, cyber crimes, civil rights, and violent crime. Some requirements for this position include US Citizenship, Apply when 23-36 years old, a Bachelor’s degree from a four-year university, a passing score on a written exam, background check clearance, and years of prior experience. Applicants should apply when they are between 26 and 36 years old. The FBI is looking for skills in the sciences, engineering, foreign languages, and cyber intelligence. He also described some support positions, such as intelligence analyst and FBI police. He gave students suggestions for getting connected with the law enforcement agencies at an early age so students interested can start their journey early.

Education cluster: Morgan chemistry teacher Rachel O’Reilly and Clinton Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Marco Famiglietti

Chemistry teacher Rachel O’Reilly talked about her life as a teacher and what she did to become one. She described to students the skills they need to be a successful teacher.

One of her focus questions was, “What is Teaching?”. She described it as being a position where you need to be creative while encouraging a strong work ethic. Teachers need to be able to come up with plans for the designated curriculum daily and for future lessons. One of the things she emphasized most was about creating a safe environment- physically and emotionally for all students.

Assistant Superintendent Marco Famiglietti described the difference between public and private schools, shared what happens behind the scenes in the Clinton Public School System, and explained what his staff is looking for when hiring teachers and new employees in the school system.

Mr. Famiglietti explained that the public schools are funded by local, state, and federal taxes, but private schools are funded by tuition and other private sources. Teachers at public schools need state certification in addition to a college degree. In a Private School, teachers don’t need certification.

Mr. Famiglietti also gave advice to the students about job interviews.

Business Cluster Morgan seniors Caleb Adams-Hull and Dan Radka, owners of C&D Goods & Services, LLC.

C&D Goods & Services, LLC is a car detailing private business owned by both of the students. They explained what they did to create their small business, how C&D Goods and Services, LLC came to be, and what a typical day on the job is like for them.

Dan and Caleb said that it only took time out of their days, some phone calls and a few plans to create a small business like theirs.

A typical day on the job would be to wake up at 7:30 AM or even earlier, check texts, voicemail, and Facebook messages to see if there was anyone in need of services. If they were contacted by a person, there would be follow up phone calls/messages to set up an appointment. Appointments to complete car detailing are three hours. They would finish their workday at around 9PM.

In addition to the above speakers, many other professionals presented to the students: Connie Warner (Pre-K Teacher), Catherine Staunton (Physical Therapist), Lilly Hunt (Medical Assistant), Tracy Leary (Pharmacist), Dan Stowe (Managing Director for Experis IT), Francis Maurais (Software Engineer/ Comp Scientist), Chris Mantzaris (Executive Creative Director ESPN) ,Suzanna Sedenszki (CT State Police Cyber Crimes Investigators), Lou Auletta (Marketing, Bauer Corporation), and Michelle Cretella (Small Business Owner: Backstage Dance Studio).

Career day was a success because it gave students information about many careers. Students asked questions during the presentations. Thank you to the people presenting their career, and taking time out of your day to talk about your job to the Morgan students.

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