A Piece Of Art That Makes You Say Wow

Written by Mikhela Hull |
Pictures by Mikhela Hull & Kayla Maloney |

Any student who has ever taken an art class at The Morgan School knows that if your art work is featured in one of the showcases, you must have created an amazing work of art. Ms. Neri, the Morgan School art teacher, carefully selects one or two exceptional pieces from each project assigned to go into one of the showcases. When asked how she makes this difficult decision, she replied, “I look for excellence. A piece of art that makes me say “wow.” Ms. Neri always seems to come up with great new project ideas every year. When she was asked how she comes up with ideas she said, “That is the hardest part. I look online, in books, and also continue to use the projects that were successful over the years.” Every student always has a favorite art project, and that’s how Ms. Neri decides her favorite projects. “Students respond well to projects that involve constructing. The favorites this year are the masks and houses.”

Ms. Neri not only teaches her own classes, but she also volunteers to help some teachers bring art into their classrooms. For example, she helped Ms. Iverson students make houses for the book, The House on Mango Street. Ms. Neri also helped Mrs. Chausse’s classes create masks for a project on Julius Caesar. Every student at The Morgan School seems to enjoy Ms. Neri’s class and her variety of projects.