Junior Prom was a Success!

Written by Kayla Maloney & Liz Bradley |

As excitement arose in the junior classes minutes before the 12:15 bell, the only word that could be heard was prom!
On Monday,  the people who attended the junior prom were talking about how great of a time it was and about how lovely everyone looked in the  pictures.  When the vice president of the junior class, Liz Bradley, was asked about her night she said “There was so much work and effort put into the planning and set up of prom, I was thoroughly excited  with the outcome. Our class just gets closer every year, and at prom, we all really came together to have a great time.” Members of the Junior Class were eager to share their experience at the prom. Jaime Fitzgerald said, “Prom was a lot fun, I had a great time!” Additionally, Kelsy Orsini told us, “prom was fun; they had great songs other than the one Christmas one.” When asked about the food, junior Colton Reynolds, replied “The food was good, and they had good cake.” All in all the junior prom appeared to be a success!