Mother’s Day Sale


Combination of items at sale

Written by Jose Vincent |

There will be a Mother’s Day Sale on Thursday May 9 and Friday May 10th in the lobby of The Morgan School.  This sale is created by the students and teachers of the Resource B Program.  For several weeks, the students and teachers have created crafts, planted plants, gathered food items, and made arrangements to get ready for this sale. The money for this fundraiser will be used to help support the Resource B Program.These donations will be used to buy incentives for the student and will fund trips and activities, buy graduation gifts, and holiday gifts for the Resource B students. The Mother’s Day Sale is open to students, teachers, and anyone interested  from the community.  Prices will range from 50 cents- $18. During the past couple of years, around 3-4 hundred dollars have been raised.  The Resource B students and teachers hope that this year they  can make more money.  Any contributions will be very helpful and appreciated.