The Rivalry


Hk Morgan

By Kyle Suraci|

Morgan and Haddam Killingworth have always been big rivals. Every game is always packed full of students and parents from both towns. This is the case for every sport, not just football.

Morgan played Haddam Killingworth twice this season which was something that the players were looking forward to throughout the season. They first played each other on September 21 at Haddam Killingworth.  After a competitive half, HK got the win. This left Morgan devastated. Junior Liam Whelan said that ” he was disappointed because it was a tie game until halftime. HK then scored a touchdown at the start of the second half which caused the team to lose all momentum. All the boys agreed that they would be ready for game two against HK.

These two teams met again on 10/12 on Morgan’s home turf. The boys were ready. The field was loaded with students, parents, friends, and family members from both teams. Junior Michael Zingarella said, “it was an electric environment.” The game started off competitive once again, but HK had the upper hand in this one and took a dominant lead at the end of the third quarter with the final score being 63-22 HK.

Playing HK twice in one season was a special treat for both players and students. The fans cheer twice as loud at HK games as they do for games against any other team. Some students felt as if their job as fans were as important as the players.