Let’s Clean the Stands


A sample of the trash we gathered

Written By Heather Vollhardt and Marie Kane| Photos By Heather Vollhardt| When you go to a home football game, you can see the spirit of the fans everywhere, but what happens when everyone leaves? What happens to the wrappers, bags, cans, and bottles? Seniors Heather Vollhardt and Brittany Rojas stayed after the home football game against HK on October 12, 2018. Originally it was just to chat for a bit and show their school spirit, but then they took a look around. Trash was littered about the sections where the students were sitting in the stands, so Heather and Brittany accompanied by Freshman Olivia Riccio and a friend of hers stayed a to clean up.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

With the time it took to clean up, these Morgan students  were able to gather most of the trash that littered the stands. The cause of the problem could be that there is only one trash receptacle near the bleachers despite the many people that attend the home games. While cleaning, the students met the kind people from the Clinton Department of Public Works who are responsible for maintaining the stands. With all the effort they put into making sure it’s clean for each game, they should be immensely thanked. Our environment shouldn’t be trashed this way and it’s disappointing to see how much trash is left around on the ground. We hope that parents and students are more aware of the trash they leave and clean up after themselves in the future.