Ignorant About Baseball




Written by Liam Whelan and Kyle Suraci |

It’s October, that means the Major League Baseball teams are fighting in the playoffs. Some of these races will go down to the wire. As the regular season comes to a close, many star players have been playing great, such as Christian Yelich(Brewers) and Khris Davis(Athletics). Also, the teams that won’t be playing the playoffs just wrapped up their seasons. Some players are wrapping up some historically great seasons such as Jacob deGrom(Mets) and Mike Trout(Angles). It’s the most exciting time for the MLB, but do Morgan students know what is happening in the baseball world?

Photo via Pressherald.com

Of the nine students and one teacher interviewed, six students knew absolutely nothing about the MLB. Two students knew a few players in the MLB but did not know which teams are doing well, and only one student and one teacher knew what was happening in the MLB. One of the six students who knew nothing about the MLB was freshmen Drew Nye. He stated: “No one watches baseball. It’s so boring.” The other students for the most part just knew about the Yankees and the Red Sox, except for junior Matt Gardner, who knew absolutely nothing about the MLB.

Senior Deven Talarsyk and gym teacher Pete Gersz were the only ones who knew about baseball. They were able to name current players, which ones were doing well and what teams were having good seasons.  

The Morgan School lacks a lot of MLB fans. MLB is definitely not the talk at Morgan.