Mr.Samet’s Return

Written by Mikhela Hull & Kayla Maloney |
Photos by Mikhela Hull & Kayla Maloney |

After about a two month leave, Mr. Samet has returned to The Morgan School. With all the students and faculty happy to see him back, Mr. Samet said:”It’s great to be back; it’s better than great to be back! I love seeing these kids.” Even though the substitute teachers were fantastic, it was a relief to the students to have Mr. Samet back. “The kids are fantastic. They’re doing their work.” The day of his return, he was happily greeted by a room full of students and teachers. The teachers were even reminding their students to stop by Mr. Samet’s room at some point during his day back to welcome him. Mr. Samet had no problem getting back into the regular schedule with the help of the students and faculty.