Husky Helper: Lunch Buddies Social


Written by Ashley Baldwin and Melanie Coretti |
Photos by Angela Recine and Beatrice Atengco |

On June 8th, Beatrice Atengco and Angela Recine held an end of the year celebration social for students from Morgan involved in Lunch Buddies. The event was held from 5pm to 7pm in the Morgan cafeteria.

To start the night off, students engaged in conversation cards, allowing them to get to know each other. The students ate pizza and ice-cream while playing board and card games, such as Sorry and Uno. There was an opportunity for everyone to take pictures with each other, similar to a photo booth.

For the past two years, learning center students at Morgan and  Morgan students participated in Lunch Buddies. Every Tuesday, students sit together at lunch. The program helps students from the learning center practice socializing.

This lunch buddies program has been going on for two years. This year’s end of the year social was organized by juniors Beatrice Atengco and Angela Recine as part of their Husky Leadership project. Enjoy the photos of the social below.