Beach Bash 2018


Written by Lee Broderick |
Pictures by Abby Pitarra |

The Beach Bash was held Friday, June 15th from 6:00pm to 10:00pm at the Clinton Town Beach.  Interact club members helped organize this event.  The weather was around 70 degrees with a slight gust of wind. There was a volleyball tournament, yard games, food including hamburgers, hot dogs and the ice cream truck that’s very popular in the town of Clinton. Music based on student song suggestions played throughout the event.

All the money raised by Interact this year is going to the Hurricane Maria Relief fund for the victims of Puerto Rico. Although the hurricane was 8 months ago, many people still live without food and water.

The event was a good stress reliever because students have finals at this time.

Students shared what they enjoyed at the bash.

Sophmore Sarah Kuever said she had a fun time. “There were a lot of activities that I did like playing soccer and volleyball. It was a great time for a great cause.”

Junior Kayla Pellegrini said, ” It was fun. I really liked the music that was playing and the volleyball tournament was very fun.” Kayla also commented, “The food was very good and I had a blast.”

Junior Kyle Newman said, ” I was there for only an hour, but it was fun for the hour I went. I participated in activities like Frisbee and volleyball. When I was there, the weather was amazing and there were no bugs, unlike last year.”