Thoughts on Summer Assignments


Video created by Sydney Fratamico and Taylor Wyatt|
Photo by Sydney Fratamico and Taylor Wyatt|

Summer reading and summer work are controversial topics among the Morgan students and staff.  AP Government and Politics teacher Mr. Zawadski said he assigns three chapters of notes on the book, Hardball, because, “I want the kids to actually enjoy the class, so if they are not interested in the summer work or Hardball, they will probably not be interested throughout the year, so it is a way to gauge who is going to be committed to the course,” he said.  AP and ECE courses require summer work to help students get prepared for the college level coursework required for AP success.

The I Love this Book summer reading program allows students to choose a book to read for a book chat in the fall.  Summer reading information is available on The Morgan School website.

Students share their thoughts on summer reading in the video below.

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